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Weekend Prep Workshop
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Grounded together as the original Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy managers, coaches and students, your Dream Teams recruitment coaches are passionate about helping junior players find their dream college tennis team and remain focused on sport and the books. Powered by BOUNX and NCSA, they have the experience and tools to power your growth and streamline the recruitment process.
Team Bollettieri
Mike Patrick
Mike Patrick
Michael Patrick played collegiate tennis at Middle Tennessee State University.  Worked at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy from 1978-1983 and then coached at the University of Kentucky , University of Arkansas and the University of Tennessee.  Served as a travel coach for the USTA from 1984-1991.  Was ITA coach of the year in 2001.
Richard Tompkins
Richard Tompkins
An original student of the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, Richard went on to play D1 tennis at University of Miami. Now the namesake of Tompkins Tennis, Richard has over 30 years of experience developing high-level competitive juniors. He has produced more than 38 top-ten nationally ranked juniors from Northern California and helped 1000's of his students obtain college scholarship opportunities at D1, D2 and D3 schools. Richard has also coached several players at junior and professional grand slams.
Employed and mentored by the legendary Arthur Ashe, there are few coaches who can match Richard’s energy and intensity on court and his ability to transfer those traits to the students who work with him.
Steve Shulla
Steve Shulla
After being part of the inaugural class of the Nick Bollettieri Tennis program and after 4 years of D1 tennis at Georgia Tech, Steve spent almost 25 years running the operations and sales at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy and IMG Academy, Steve knows what it takes to inspire and lead junior players to greater heights.

Respected and connected across the global tennis collective, Steve has the ability to create unique opportunities for players from around the world.
Sandy Tompkins
Sandy Tompkins M.A.
Sandy Tompkins has managed to intertwine the rigour of fitness and strength into the performance juniors daily routine to ensure, as she says, “when its 5-5 in the third, the fittest will win.” She is a certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Certified, as well as TRX-certified. Sandy works one-on-one with juniors in developing their off-court fitness program. 
Specializing in tennis specific conditioning, Sandy has also worked as a fitness trainer with both junior and professional tennis players competing in college and grand slams.
Scott Patrick
Scott Patrick
An original student of the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, Scott went on to Eastern Kentucky to play four years of D1 tennis. Moved from player to coach at the University of Kentucky for five years with the Women’s team. For the next 30 years Scott has worked with high performance Jr.’s and helped place over 50 students at division one colleges during his tenure as tennis Director at Knoxville Racquet club.
Jeff Greenwald
Jeff Greenwald M.F.T.
Jeff, an original student of the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, is an internationally recognized sports psychology consultant, licensed therapist, former ATP professional tennis player and currently amongst the top 5 in Masters Tennis. Jeff is the leading expert on the mental game, specializing in tennis and has worked with athletes in almost every sport over the past 20 years.

As a recent Northern California Hall of Fame inductee, Jeff has been helping athletes, performing artists and executives find the keys to fearless performance. Jeff's personal coaching, seminars, best-selling book, audio programs, and online courses have been popular resources utilized by thousands of players worldwide.
Alan Xu
Allen Xu
Allen Xu, a former student at Tompkins Tennis, worked closely with both Richard and Sandy as a junior tennis player. While at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Allen was on the NCAA Division I tennis team and boxing team. After graduating from the academy in 2014, he served as a U.S. Army Infantry Captain for 6 years. In this time, Allen primarily prepared soldiers for combat and physical readiness and successfully completed the U.S. Army Ranger School, Airborne School, Air Assault School, and Expert Infantryman Badge assessment. After leaving the Army in 2020, he earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Yale School of Management in New Haven, Connecticut.
Angie Testerman
Angie Testerman ATC/L
Angie is a former world class Ironman athlete, and has spent the last 27 years working with high performance athletes and coaches in the clinical, collegiate and professional settings. Specializing in biomechanics and the latest research in neuroscience and brain body movement, she works one-on-one to train athletes through highly individualized sessions to identify and correct dysfunctional movement patterns that predispose an athlete to injuries, plateaus or sub optimal performance.

She believes an important part of ensuring an athletes success with high performance training is to collaborate with coaches to implement specialized programs that bring the movement skills learned in private training sessions with athletes into live practice. Angie enjoys working with junior, college and professional level athletes. Her clients can be seen reaching new heights at top college programs, grand slams, PGA events and on the national and International stage.
Experience Matters.
"We have placed 100s of our own students,
now we are bringing that experience to you."
Richard Tompkins
Students Matter.
“We know that confident, hardened and well-rounded athletes,
make the best students.”
Jeff Greenwald
Engagement Matters.
“We work with our students and parents
from high-school through college.”
Scott Patrick
Confidence Matters.
“We build better college graduates based on five fundamentals: confidence, mental toughness, technique, time-management, grit.”
Steve Shulla
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